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Lisa Baldock MBE

 From challenging leaders to engage and introduce reasonable adjustment and awareness programmes to transforming policy and strategy, the go-to consultant who has found the solutions to barriers that employers and their talent face

Her primary aim in work has always been to look for solutions to barriers that colleagues face and to break through them.

In the 1990s Lisa was pivotal to the design of the Workplace Disability Passport which is not only used cross Civil Service but is well known in private industry.

A recognised networker and influencer across civil service wide.  She is a role model, keynote speaker and thought-leader who has been deeply involved in strategic programmes, campaigns and the design of new digital solutions that makes services accessible to all. Paving the way for diverse talent, policy changes and changing the embedded culture of government and civil service approaches to HR challenges. She is a dedicated and passionate professional with an infectious and bright personality who is breaking the barriers for individuals to break-through and realise their potential.

She also has been involved in voluntarily work to mentor youngsters with hearing loss, new potential cochlear implant wearers and fundraising on behalf of Hearing Dogs. She has a personal connection as Hearing Dogs provided her with her lovely hearing assistance dog called Inca.Lisa was awarded a MBE in the New Years Honours 2018. This was in recognition for her work to disabled staff in public service. She intends to carry on her good work by raising awareness and working with people to break their barriers.